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Intriguing Game- Week 16

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers

Titans: They’ve officially won ten games. That’s more than the team who made it to the AFC Championship Game last season as they were 9-7. Having Ryan Tannehill under center was the best decision this team could’ve made. Remember the time when he was considered a bust? I think those days are over. The one thing I enjoy about the Tennessee Titans is how balanced they are offensively. Of course, it starts with that grown man otherwise known as Derrick Henry. The passing game is also no slouch because they can create down the field with that tandem of receivers in A.J. Brown and Corey Davis. The one issue I have with Tennessee is how they let teams hang around even when they have a significantly large lead. I’ll be watching them closely come playoff time. The frozen tundra awaits them for a battle on Sunday night.

Packers: They’ve been on a roll. Ever since that loss to the Colts, they’ve played a more controlled style of football. The offense looks exactly how you’d expect them to look. I’ve loved what I’ve seen from Aaron Rodgers and how he spreads the ball around to his receivers. You also see how the entire offense looks more comfortable in Matt LaFleur’s system. I understand the Packers’ defense has been up and down for many years now. This season, I’ve noticed them doing just enough such as finishing tackles, creating turnovers, and applying pressure on the passer. At this moment, they still hold the top seed in the NFC playoff picture. On Sunday night, Derrick Henry and company come to town.

Titans X-Factor: Malcolm Butler– He’s the best cover corner on the Titans. Also, he’s the only shining point for their secondary that struggles. What makes this any different? Malcolm will be seeing Davante Adams quite a bit in this one on Sunday night.

Packers X-Factor: Kenny Clark– He’s the key that makes their front seven go. Nowadays, you have guys on the interior that can get pressure on the quarterback and stop the run. Kenny can do both. He’s that clog in the middle of the defense along with being that pocket pusher.

Final Thoughts: Here, you have two different offensive styles in this game. Tennessee’s identity is establishing the ground game and the Packers love airing the ball all over the field in the passing game. If I’m the Packers, I’m attacking the Titans secondary because they struggle. Do as you’ve done all year. Tannehill can’t get into a shootout with Aaron because he won’t win that. Play your game, establish the run and everything else will come from there.

Prediction: Packers 34 Titans 28


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