“Must Sea TV”

NFC Game Of The Week

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Rams: Let me reiterate one thing. There is no such thing as an “easy game” in the National Football League. That saying really is true. Anybody can be beaten on any given Sunday. That was exactly the case in week 15 against the previously winless New York Jets. I was watching this game and I was stunned because they couldn’t get anything going. This is exactly why I can’t figure out who the Los Angeles Rams are because one week they’re dominant along with having everything clicking for them. Then a week later, they’re struggling to put it together. I just have one question for Sean McVay: Where was the running game? That ground attack is key for the Rams because it opens the passing game for Jared Goff. The defense also looked soft. The division is potentially on the line on Sunday afternoon in Seattle.

Seahawks: It’s almost as if they are a completely different team at this point of the season. In the beginning, they relied on a prolific offensive attack and scoring over 30 points per game. Remember, that’s also when they were struggling significantly on the defensive side to tackle, apply pressure, and give up too many plays down the football field. Now, the offense is slowly but surely managing things and the defense has drastically improved. With playoff time roaming around, the Seahawks are a team I don’t want to see. I don’t need Russell to take the game over all the time because I know he’s more than capable of getting hot at any time. The defense is finishing plays and getting off the field. With the in week 15, the Seahawks have clinched another spot in the playoffs. Now, there’s one more task. They return home on Sunday.

Rams X-Factor: Darrell Henderson– If you want your offense to have the chance to take a shot or two down the field, this is who you must feed the football too! Let him do some of the dirty work so you’re able to allow Jared the opportunity to run his bootleg and his play action. When the Rams run the ball, great things happen for them.

Seahawks X-Factor: Carlos Dunlap– His presence alone is elevating the entire Seahawks defense. He was acquired to generate a pass rush and he’s done just that. With the double teams Carlos commands, others can freely roam around to make tackles or get to the quarterback. It’s incredible the impact one guy can have on the defense.

Final Thoughts: What a game this should be. When they last met, the Rams made life miserable for the Seahawks’ offense. Jalen Ramsey also shut down D.K. Metcalf. All these weeks later, the division is potentially on the line. Seattle will need to do all they can to limit Jared Goff’s bootleg. Keep him in the pocket. Pressure him early on. The Rams will come into this game with a chip on their shoulder after their loss last week. I’m attacking the Seattle offensive line if I’m the Rams and getting after Russell.

Prediction: Seahawks 24 Rams 21

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