Week 16 Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Nine wins in a row. They are now 13-1 after their last win over the New Orleans Saints. One more win and they will clinch the top seed in the AFC Playoffs. It’s incredible ever since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback, the Chiefs have always had a first-round bye come postseason time. They retune home today to face the Atlanta Falcons in week 16.

2. Green Bay Packers: They continue to hold onto the top seed in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are the best quarterback/receiver duo in the league now and have been doing damage since the 2019 season. They have their division locked up but are still playing for one more thing. That first-round bye in the NFC. Make teams come to the tundra in January when the elements are showing out. They welcome the Titans to town tonight.

3. Buffalo Bills: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your 2020 AFC East champion Buffalo Bills! When they play how they have as of late, they are a scary group to watch. Josh is spreading the football around; Devin Singletary is getting more carries and they’re playing much better defense when it matters the most which is before January. I’ve had fun watching this team play football this year.

4. Seattle Seahawks: This could be a group I wouldn’t want to see come postseason time. The running game has finally shown up and the defense is playing much better compared to how they looked earlier in the year. They aren’t needing Russell to take the game over. He’s been doing just fine controlling things it appears. He can take over at any minute. They host the Rams today.

5. New Orleans Saints: They’ve wrapped up another division title for the fourth consecutive season. Alvin Kamara had the best game of his career on Christmas Day. Six touchdowns which is a career high. Earlier in the week, I called Sean Payton out for getting away from the running game later in the season. I guess he heard me talking. They’re still looking up to the Packers for that top seed in the NFC.

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