Gone (4) The Year

I was introduced to Dak Prescott in 2014. This was back when he was the starting quarterback for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. It was then when he led them to one of their best seasons in school history. In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys drafted Dak with the 135th overall pick in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. That year, Tony Romo was injured in the regular season which forced the team to name Dak the starting quarterback. He’s had a nice run since becoming a Cowboy. As the Cowboys have struggled this year, the quarterback has been the shining point. Although Dallas won yesterday, they suffered a bigger loss. Dak suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his ankle which ended his season.

Dak is the closest thing I’ve seen to Steve McNair. It’s the way he moves from quarterback pressures, his ability to scramble and extend the play with his feet. He displays the mental toughness I often describe in my analysis frequently. I’ve watched him develop into a better quarterback from his readings of defensive coverages to changing the play. Over the years, Dak has become a great leader. That entire Cowboys offense goes as he goes. Is he worth getting paid? Look at his numbers! I’d say so! Last season, he put together the best year of his career. This year, he was on another tear once again. It was devastating to see him go down like that.

It’s a tough blow for the Cowboys offense. Although he’s out for the year, the Cowboys signing of Andy Dalton looks smarter now than ever because he’s an experienced quarterback with many starts under his belt. This is when you rally around Andy because you still have a job to do. I’m wishing Dak the absolute best.

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