“Gettin In The Bay”

NFC Game Of The Week

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Packers: I feel they’ve gone under the radar some. After that big win in New Orleans a few weeks ago, it’s time to give them more respect. Throughout the sports news and media talk, Russell Wilson has been the favorite to win MVP. Let’s not forget about that quarterback in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is playing out of this world right now. To be honest, this is the best I’ve seen him look since 2014. The knock on Aaron has been he struggles without his top targets. False.  Other weapons have stepped up tremendously. As usual, the defense is hit or miss and that is what’s keeping them from getting to the Super Bowl. They don’t even have to be a top ten unit, just get off the field, make stops and get the ball back to your quarterback. On Sunday, they’ll face a test in Florida.

Bucs: I’ll be honest. When I saw their schedule, I didn’t know how they’d pan out early on because they had a tough schedule. Starting with New Orleans first, then Denver in week three, the Chargers in week four and the Bears just last week. Those four teams I listed all have one thing in common. Pass rushers. Last week in Chicago, they looked sharp in the first half, then came the adjustments from the Bears. That offensive line collapsed and struggled to protect Tom. When the Bucs decided to sign the legendary quarterback, I was excited for Chris Godwin especially. When he’s on the field, he’s that “Edelman” for Brady. Nobody likes those shifty receivers more than number 12 does. With the defense, nobody blitzes more than Tampa Bay and it hurts them at times. They return home for big showdown with an NFC powerhouse in week six.

Packers X-Factor: Robert Tonyan– I haven’t seen Aaron this in tune with a tight end since he had Jared Cook. Since last year, I’ve called for other weapons on the Packers offense to step up. He’s been one of them. Matt LaFleur uses him in the slot and on screens and drag plays.

Bucs X-Factor: Ronald Jones– When you feed him the football consistently, he can help wear a defense down. That’s exactly what he did to the Bears early on who are one of the best at stopping the run. To play with Brady, you must be able to catch the ball out the backfield and he can. Control the clock early on.

Final Thoughts: It’s another legendary quarterback battle. Believe it or not, this is the third ever meeting between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. I’m going to enjoy this one. Tampa needs to show they can rush Aaron without blitzing. Also, the Packers can’t stop the run. Establish RoJo early on. Green Bay’s offense shouldn’t switch anything up. Keep spreading the ball around as you’ve done this year. No defense has seemed to have an answer for it.

Prediction: Bucs 35 Packers 28

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