Best In The Business: The Preview

Another year and our annual project is coming up again. I’m talking about our “Best In The Business” segment where I give you my ten best players in the league right now and heading into the new NFL season. Last year’s was a fun one. Four familiar faces returned and seven new faces made their debut. Just in case you forgot, here is how my list last year panned out.

1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Julio Jones

4. Khalil Mack

5. Antonio Brown

6. Le’Veon Bell

7. Odell Beckham Jr.

8. David Johnson

9. Matt Ryan

10. Ezekiel Elliott

These are always fun to brainstorm, think about, plan and then reveal. There are so many great players in the league, so narrowing it down to just ten is never easy. Here is who will be featured on the 2018 edition of my ten best players list

Todd Gurley

Rob Gronkowski

DeAndre Hopkins

Le’Veon Bell

Aaron Donald

Travis Kelce

Antonio Brown

Jalen Ramsey

Von Miller

Tom Brady

I’d love to hear from you, the person reading this and the person who subscribed. If you think you know the order and how this will all pan out, send me your suggestions! You can put your predictions on our Facebook fan page (search for The Daily Blitz), you can follow us on Twitter (@dailyblitz_61) and tweet them or you can email me at