The Advantage Game

Quarterback: In year 21, Tom Brady continues to play at the highest level. The later the season gets, the more locked in he becomes. Sunday will mark his tenth Super Bowl appearance. That’s just remarkable. I like how comfortable he is within the Bucs offensive system now compared to the beginning of the year. Patrick Mahomes still continues to build his resume. MVP in 2018, Super Bowl title in the 2019 season, the massive contract last Summer and he’s back in the big game for the second straight season. Patrick’s arm is electric. It’s a flick of the wrist and the ball is in his receivers hands.

Advantage: Chiefs, (slightly). Tom is still getting it done.

Running Back: Both teams can consistently establish the ground game when they put their minds to it. The Chiefs were getting the production from Clyde Edwards-Helaire and even when he was hurt, Darrel Williams was getting his carries. Also, the Chiefs have Le’Veon Bell on the depth chart. With Tampa Bay, they run the ball when they continue to feed their running backs. Look at the last two playoff games for Tampa. Leonard Fournette got his touches which built his confidence up. Tom has also been checking the ball down to him in the short passing game and he’s answered the call.

Advantage: Buccaneers

Receivers: This is the one that really makes you think. When you watch the Chiefs receivers, you see the explosiveness. Tyreek Hill’s nickname isn’t cheetah for any reason. He’s the fastest guy in the league. The Chiefs also have a tight end who impacts the game significantly in Travis Kelce. As I always say, he’s a wide receiver stuck in the body of a tight end. We can’t forget Mecole Hardman who is a dynamic player of his own. On the other side, the Bucs have three wide receivers who are number one options on any other team in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown. Also, there’s Scotty Miller and someone named Rob Gronkowski.

Advantage: Buccaneers

Offensive Line: This has been a strength for the Chiefs since Mahomes became the starting quarterback. Every time I watch them, he has the cleanest jersey on the field. Entering the big game, they will be without Eric Fisher who’s by far their best offensive lineman is out after tearing his Achilles in the AFC Championship game. Things looked a bit uncertain for the Tampa Bay offensive line. Can we give Tristan Wirfs his credit? The rookie has held his own protecting Brady! He’s also given this entire offensive line a boost.

Advantage: Bucs have the edge for me.

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