The Early Teaser

Remember when the New England Patriots were favored to win the division every year during those days? I’m getting the same feeling with these Kansas City Chiefs. They have won this division each year since 2016 and I don’t see them letting up in the AFC West anytime soon. What’s catapulted them has been the emergence of Patrick Mahomes. Ever since 2018, the Chiefs have won three straight division titles, they’ve clinched a first-round bye and have hosted the AFC Championship game. Under Andy Reid, the offense is one of the three best in the league. As a defense, I’m circling Tyreek Hill and doing all I can to take him away. Travis Kelce is also an issue with the impact he has on the field. Their defense doesn’t have to be lights out. All I need is for them to get off the field when it’s necessary.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had the bullseye on them throughout the year. You release Jameis Winston, you sign Tom Brady, then you decide to acquire his buddy, Rob Gronkowski. It was win now, not later. Say what you want, Tom is still at the top of his game at the age of 43. A new system, new teammates, it may have looked challenging in the beginning, but he adapted. I still remember seeing him on the sidelines yelling at his offensive linemen. Now, not so much. What’s been impressive to me during this playoff run has been their defense. Devin White is the quarterback of the defense and has made all the difference. When they are forcing turnovers, they will win football games.

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