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NFC Game Of The Week

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team

Seahawks: With the win on Sunday, they’ve clinched yet another winning season. This has been one of the wilder years for them. I say that because they started the year perfect in their first five games but looked stronger on one side of the football than the other. I understand their defense hasn’t necessarily been the greatest this year. As of late though, they’ve improved which is good to see. However, there’s one small issue I have. A defensive back shouldn’t be leading the team in sacks. That’s what Jamal Adams has been doing this year. It makes me question what is the defensive line doing? Even with Carlos Dunlap! On the offensive side, they’ve been more balanced as of late. In the beginning, I felt the Seahawks depended on Russell a little too much. They’ll make another trip to the east coast on Sunday looking for another win.

Washington: That good (I mean this lightly too) old NFC East. The division continues to prove a thought I gave years ago. It’s still the most unpredictable division in the NFL. You just never know what will happen each year. At the moment, they are atop the NFC East. With a straight face, how many of you saw this coming? Ron Rivera is doing it again and if you watch them, this team will put it all out on the line for their coach. I can admit their offense isn’t the best. But they do just enough to move the football down the field. The defense has set the tone for this entire Washington Football Team. This front four is amazing! Chase Young has next in this league. I’m convinced of that. He’s a further developed Jadeveon Clowney. The team returns home on Sunday for a huge NFC showdown.

Seahawks X-Factor: Chris Carson– He’s just as important to this offense as Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are. When the Seahawks run the football, they are a better offense. Look back at the years when they won the NFC. They had just enough balance on the offensive side. Furthermore, Chris can also catch the football on check down plays.

Washington X-Factor: Montez Sweat– Another one of the dynamic defenders of this Washington defense. What I appreciate about his game is how he keeps his feet moving to get to the quarterback. He never quits on the play. Montez has a quick first step and the speed to work himself into the pocket. The Seahawks offensive line will have their hands full with Montez and Chase Young.

Final Thoughts: The Seahawks defense has turned the page at the right time. Washington as of late is playing the best football of anyone in the NFC East. This Seattle offensive line must be ready for the challenge this Washington defensive front will bring. Also, I’d attack their secondary if I’m Seattle because that’s the weakest link of the defense. On the other hand, I need to see the Seattle defensive line get after the quarterback more.

Prediction: Seahawks 23 Washington 20

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