AFC Game Of The Week

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

Titans: That’s how you bounce back! After week 11, they were my biggest takeaway and winner of the week. I watched that game against the Baltimore Ravens closely and they looked lost in the first half of that game. The run was shut down and Ryan Tannehill was shaky in throwing the football. Then came the second half and it was a completely different ball game. Let’s give credit to Mike Vrabel because he does such a good job of keeping his team confident. Later in the game, they were able to establish Derrick Henry and the defense woke up. This was a huge win for them to keep them in the thick of things in the AFC which is looking to be a dogfight down the stretch. Now, the Titans sit at 7-3. On Sunday, they’ll face a team they just play 17 days ago to be exact.

Colts: This is a gritty football team. Sunday against the Packers showed that. But they’ve also shown you that they can play a complete game as they did in week 10 when all is clicking. Week 11 showed you how mentally tough they are. When you thought the Colts were down and out of the game, you had another thing coming. The Packers scored 28 first-half points of them. In the second half, they buckled down and held an Aaron Rodgers offense to three points. This is the most complete defense in the league with a consistent rush up front, linebackers that can play from sideline to sideline with great range, and corners that can cover. With how they’re built, the Colts can give many teams problems in the playoffs. They’re back home for a huge divisional game on Sunday.

Titans X-Factor: Desmond King– I loved this pick up for the Titans. He’s more than just a cover corner because he’s able to make tackles in the open field. Plus, he plays with the mindset of a linebacker. Also, he’s a former teammate of Philip Rivers. Expect him to be in his teammates’ ears all week leading up to this game because he knows how he operates.

Colts X-Factor: Jonathan Taylor– You all know my rule by now. In case you don’t, it’s this: You better have game if you have two first names. I like how the Colts have continued to feed him the ball even after that fumble. Furthermore, the Titans are known to give up a long run or two here and there. The Colts should establish the run often.

Final Thoughts: When they last met, the Colts punched the Titans in the mouth for an entire half. More than two weeks later, here we are in a huge showdown. Philip Rivers has been playing well as of late. As he goes, this team goes. I see the Colts defense limiting Derrick once again as they did a few weeks ago. The Colts’ offense is scary when they’re clicking.

Prediction: Colts 24 Titans 21

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