“Steel It In The Air”

Intriguing Game- Week 12

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Ravens: After a strong 5-1 start, they’ve lost three of their last four games. Already, they’ve doubled their loss total from last season this year alone. On the radio this week, I said something that I never thought I would about them. As of late, the Baltimore Ravens have been looking soft. No team fears them as they once did. Remember the days when Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were there? Teams knew it’d be a challenge. You don’t see that these days. However, it doesn’t help when key guys are out. Ronnie Stanley is done for the year and on the defensive side, Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams have been out. I can guarantee you that having those two on Sunday would’ve helped tremendously. The Patriots ran all over them and just recently, so did the Titans. Something must give. The rivalry resumes in Pittsburgh.

Steelers: Can you believe that this is their first 10-0 start in franchise history? It amazes me because I think of all the legendary names who have played for this legendary organization. This is only Ben’s second ten-game winning streak in his career. I remember the first like it was yesterday. It was his rookie year back in 2004. He didn’t lose a start that season. The Steelers have handled business against teams they should be beating and they haven’t played down to their competition. I noticed that Ben gets the ball out of his hands quickly. The defense sets the tone with playmakers in each tier. I’ve had a lot of fun watching this group play. On Sunday, they’ll face their arch-nemesis this time at home.

Ravens X-Factor: Yannick Ngakoue– The Ravens front seven needs some type of spark and this is who I feel can provide that. He was acquired by Baltimore to be a difference-maker. Now, it’s time to show it. His specialty is rushing the passer, but he’s also a great run stopper.

Steelers X-Factor: James Conner– They will take a page from New England and Tennessee. Both ran all over, through, and around the Ravens. What makes you think the Steelers won’t do the same? I see this being a big game tonight for him. Look for James to wear the Ravens down early on.

Final Thoughts: The first meeting between them was a thriller. It came down to one play and of course, the Steelers prevailed. Here they are almost three weeks later in another big game. It’s a must-win for the Ravens. Get back to your formula which is running the football! Also, the Ravens secondary will be tested against these Steelers receivers. Furthermore, I see the Steelers doing exactly what they did in the first meeting. Limiting the run on the first two downs and making Lamar pass.

Prediction: Steelers 28 Ravens 20

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