Week 11 Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Kansas City Chiefs: I think they’ve been bored. As of late, they’ve started to pick things up. The offense is showing why they’re so lethal. In two games, Mahomes has thrown nine touchdown passes altogether. I wonder what their backfield will look like because Le’Veon Bell hasn’t been used as much as I expected. The bye week is over and it’s a rematch with the Raiders on Sunday night.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Finally, they looked dominant against a team they were supposed to beat down when they played the Bengals. I’ve been concerned because during that Dallas game, I felt they played down to their competition a little too much. Can you believe this is their first 9-0 start in franchise history? They’re in Florida today to face the Jacksonville Jaguars looking for that 10-0 record.

3. New Orleans Saints: They’re rolling. This is typical of them. I’ve seen them struggle early on and a few weeks later, they’ve started a winning streak. Against the 49ers last week, they were able to get the win, but they lost Drew Brees for a few weeks with some broken ribs and a collapsed lung. The Saints have decided to start Taysom Hill at quarterback. I can’t wait to see how Payton coaches him to his strengths.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: That’s how you bounce back. The running game can definitely help you. Compared to what happened the week before, that seemed like an afterthought. Brady and company got back to their winning ways in Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers. I also want to give Bruce Arians some credit. After Ronald Jones fumbled the football early on in the game, coach decided to keep him in and he responds with a 98-yard touchdown run.

5. Green Bay Packers: I didn’t necessarily like how they looked last weekend, but a win is a win nonetheless. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are the best QB/receiver duo in this league. The chemistry they display each week is mind-boggling. One thing the Packers need is more balance in their passing attack. Maybe they will receive that once again with Allen Lazard returning from injury.

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