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(14) Oklahoma State Cowboys at (18) Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma State: They have been the best team in the Big-12 all year. What I’ve seen is how they’re able to beat a team in a variety of ways such as squeaking out the close battles or winning the blowouts. All Mike Gundy wants from his offense in Stillwater is to control things. Hold onto the football and most importantly, don’t lose the game (of course). What’s been the driving force behind the success this year has been the defense as they continue to get the job done in 2020. The conference isn’t necessarily known to show much of that. However, that isn’t the case with the Cowboys because they do their part and do it consistently. Where they’re at their best is on third down. It’s more dominant if anything. On each tier of the unit, they have playmakers. Tonight, they’ll battle in the latest edition of Bedlam.

Oklahoma: It’s been a different year for them. They’ve been dominating this conference for years and it hasn’t been close. A few conference titles and appearances in the playoffs to be exact. After their loss to the Iowa State Cyclones, they’ve buckled down. When you think of Oklahoma Sooners football, one thing comes to mind. Offense! They’ve been one of the best in the country since Lincoln Riley took over. It was struggling in the beginning, but as of late, they’ve found their groove. I guess it helps when you play Kansas and Texas Tech, but whatever works. Spencer Rattler is still a work in progress. He may not be Baker, Kyler, or Jalen, but he’s still finding himself as a player. What’s helped him has been the running game as of late and the defense has improved as of late. Tonight, they’ll be home for rivalry night.

Oklahoma State X-Factor: Tylan Wallace– Feed your playmakers the football! Tylan is a dominant receiver that can win every battle you throw in his direction. I’d put him in the slot and let him run the slant and out routes in this game. This will allow him to easily make plays in the open field. He can also break tackles.

Oklahoma X-Factor: Rhamondre Stevenson– He’s the best running back they have on the roster. The Sooners have some talented backs on the roster, but none on Stevenson’s level. He understands how to set up his blocks, displays the quickness to burst through holes, and powers through to run over defenders at the second level.

Final Thoughts: This is just my second time ever breaking down Bedlam. I see this game coming down to one specific matchup. The Cowboys’ offensive line against the Sooners defensive front. Across the board, Oklahoma State is stout in many areas except for one, the offensive line. Also, pressure Spencer Sanders and double Wallace. Of course, the Cowboys have the defense to pressure Spencer Rattler.

Prediction: Oklahoma 38 Oklahoma State 34

One thought on ““Hate”

  1. Excellent analysis. Watching this game now, as they head into halftime. Everything that could go wrong for State, went wrong in the first 20 minutes of the game. I always want to think of Mike Gundy as a top level coach. A win vs Oklahoma, finally would bring about the discussion. Spencer Rattler, will be great, in another year. His offensive line and having established backs is going to help him.
    As a head coach, Riley has had some great college qbs so far. Spencer Rattler, is his first project. Time will tell.

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