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Special Preview # 2- Week 11

Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts

Packers: They’re 7-2 and look to be on pace to wrap up another NFC North division title. That sounds good and all, but on Sunday, I didn’t care for how they looked in week ten. They let a one-win Jacksonville Jaguars team hang around for the duration of the game. I don’t care who an opponent is. You put a team away when the opportunity presents itself and most importantly, you don’t play down to your competition. That’s exactly what the Packers did. The only positive I took away from the game was another receiver outside of Davante stepping up. I still can’t trust the Packers’ defense because of the inconsistency they show on the regular. They give up nearly 26 a game which is saying something. You can’t be considered a title contender when you can’t stop anyone. Today, they’re in Indianapolis for a big showdown.

Colts: Last Thursday night was their best all-around win of the season. At first, I thought it was going to be a long night for them because the defense was struggling to limit the Titans in the first half. Then came the second half and it was a completely different ball game for them. When playing the Titans, the goal is simple. Limit Derrick Henry and don’t allow him to burst into the second level or let him score. Though he had 103 yards rushing, they kept him out of the endzone. When you watch the Colts, they’re a strong team when Philip Rivers isn’t throwing the ball to the other team on the regular. They just need him to stay within the box and they’ll be fine. The Colts defense showed why they’re one of the best also. They’re back home today for the Packers.

Packers X-Factor: Allen Lazard– He’s become their number two receiver. Before his injury, he was off to a strong start. When Davante missed some games earlier in the year, he stepped up and became Rodgers’ top target. Let’s see how they incorporate him in this game today.

Colts X-Factor: Michael Pittman– I feel the Colts offense can be more effective when they get him the ball. He’s that possession receiver that can create consistently to get down the field. He had seven receptions for 101 yards receiving last week.

Final Thoughts: This one caught my eye. Two first-place teams at this point of the season. The Colts don’t have the potency of the Packers’ offense, but they’re a stronger team defensively. If you notice, when you physically punch the Packers in the mouth, they have a tough time recovering. I see Indy doing that to set the tone. The Packers must also try to limit Nyheim Hines from getting his.

Prediction: Colts 27 Packers 24

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