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Special Preview- Week Nine

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

Ravens: That’s a tough way to lose a game. It’s a rivalry showdown and you do everything you can to keep yourself in the game just to fall short. After watching their showdown with the Steelers, one thing came to my mind. Why are they trying to turn Lamar Jackson into something he isn’t? This is a quarterback that depends on his feet and mobility to extend the play. I remember a play in their game in Philly, Lamar moved the pocket, made a defender miss then fired a pass into the end zone for six. That’s who he is. The Ravens are still in solid shape at 5-2. Also, the Ravens need more help in the receivers department. This is where Dez Bryant will come in handy. They’ll face Indy on Sunday.

Colts: Before the season started, I interviewed a beat writer named George Bremer. I asked him what the gameplan was for the Colts and he said all they needed from Philip Rivers was for him to not play hero ball. Lean on your running game and everything else will fall into place. At one time, I felt he was forcing things that would lead to the interceptions. Sunday was the best I’ve seen him look all season long. He spread the football around and most importantly, he didn’t turn it over which is always a positive. This defense is still strong. I enjoy how they all play together as a unit to make plays and they all stay within their lane. Looking to keep winning, they’ll welcome an angry Ravens team to town.

Ravens X-Factor: Mark Andrews– This is Lamar’s most trusted weapon in the passing game. Also, Mark serves as the chain mover for the Ravens offense meaning when you need that catch on third down. He’s that safety valve for the quarterback.

Colts X-Factor: DeForest Buckner– These are the games in which you acquire guys like Buck for. Battles such as these. His first step is lethal off the snap of the ball because he’s so quick and gets to where he wants so easily. He’s been one of the driving forces for this Colts defense this year.

Final Thoughts: It’s the third meeting between Rivers and Lamar. If you thought it would get easier for Baltimore, it’s not. Their offense faced one tough defense last week and they’ll do it again in week nine. I see this game being a physical and low scoring affair. The Ravens will bottle up the run and force Rivers to throw it 40 times. Lamar, take better care of the ball. The Colts love to force turnovers.

Prediction: Ravens 21 Colts 17

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