“Another One”

In a short timespan, George Kittle has become a star in the league. He’s also one of the more colorful characters in this game with a larger than life personality that speaks for itself. Last year, the San Francisco 49ers were the team that surprised everyone in 2019. A quick 8-0 start, their first NFC West division title since 2012, and a trip to the Super Bowl. It’s been different this year for the defending NFC champions. Now, George is back on the injured list with a broken foot that will sideline him for the next eight weeks.

There’s no denying this man’s impact. He’s a top-two tight end in the league when he’s on the field. When you watch him, you see how much he enjoys blocking. That’s one thing that tight ends are expected to do. However, George loves it and you see how it sparks up his team. He can also be used as an additional offensive lineman. He won’t chip a linebacker or defensive end. His mindset is to throw him completely out of the play. Furthermore in the offense, George lines up everywhere and can make that play you need. As a route runner, he’s very fluid for a man his size. He knows how to free himself to get open. This is Jimmy’s favorite target for a reason.

When I say it’s been a rough year for the 49ers, I wasn’t lying. They’ve been without Richard Sherman, Raheem Mostert, Jimmy Garoppolo has been on and off the field dealing with a sprained ankle, and remember that in week two, they lost both Solomon Thomas and Nick Bosa to torn ACL’s. Losing George is just more salt on the wound. This is the heartbeat of the entire team otherwise known as the heart and soul.

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