AFC Game Of The Week

Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans

Bills: I’ve had so much fun watching them. They’re off to one of their best starts in recent memory. What’s done it has been the play of Josh Allen. Give him the keys and let him operate the vehicle. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have been the talk of early MVP conversations and rightfully so. You may need to add Josh to that conversation. For two straight weeks, they’ve scared me defensively because they let teams hang around. You saw it against the Rams and last week in Vegas against the Raiders. A complete difference from last season where they physically dominated you. Can you believe the Buffalo Bills are in first place in the AFC East? Who saw this coming? They’re in Nashville for a showdown on Tuesday night now.

Titans: It’s been a rough time for them. Just as things were going smoothly with the NFL and COVID, they become the first team to have an outbreak. Furthermore, from a football standpoint, they were rolling before everything transpired. In their last game against the Minnesota Vikings, they struggled. Although they were down, the Titans decided to stick with the running game which helped bring them back into the game. The defense has struggled so far. They can’t stop the run and I’ve seen them give up too many big plays down the field. They will have their hands full in week five with a potent Bills offense coming to Nashville for a battle of undefeateds.

Bills X-Factor: Devin Singletary– The rushing attack could use some work. They could get it in this one. Feed Devin the ball! He’s also a threat in the passing game. Find ways to feed him the football. He was a vital part of the puzzle last season.

Titans X-Factor: Jadeveon Clowney– You added him to your defense because they had issues pressuring the quarterback. I’m not implying that he needs to get that sack every time he’s on the field, but he can contribute to the stat sheet by doing the little things consistently.

Final Analysis: This is a big game in the AFC. Both are undefeated behind some good quarterback play. I see the Bills mixing things up on the offensive side. A little Diggs, some Cole Beasley, basically how they’ve spread the ball around so far this year. The Titans offensive line could have their hands full with this Bills’ defensive front. It could be a long day for Derrick Henry. If Derrick can’t get it going, the Titans offense will struggle.

Prediction: Bills 31 Titans 23

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