NFC Game Of The Week

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears

Bucs: After all these years, you’d think people would know not to write Tom Brady off. Following their week one loss in New Orleans, I saw all the hot takes. “Is this the beginning of the end”? Each week with his new team, the legendary quarterback looks more and more comfortable within the offense. Give the coaching credit because they’ve allowed Tom to be himself. He’s checking the ball down, using the middle of the field and his timing is still there. He and Mike Evans are gelling more by the week. One guy I’m noticing more each week is offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. He was Tampa’s first draft pick in the Spring and he’s paying off. The defense is a work in progress. They’ll get there. Tonight, they’re in Chicago to start week five.

Bears: I felt the excitement amongst the fans. You bench Mitchell Tribusky, Nick Foles gets put in and issues a comeback in Atlanta. Matt Nagy named Foles the starter for week four. Things didn’t pan out as many thought it would. The Indianapolis Colts shut down the Bears offense and made things difficult for Nick. So many were expecting him to inject life into a Bears offense that’s needed it. The Bears weren’t able to run the football and Foles’ timing looked off throughout the game. It looks as if the pressure will be on the defense to keep them in games once again. Overall, who saw the Bears at 3-1 after the first four games? I know they played struggling teams early on, but you beat who you beat. They’ll welcome a legendary quarterback to town tonight.

Bucs X-Factor: Scotty Miller– Every time I see Brady drop back, he’s connecting with his slot receiver. For years, the quarterback has made a living depending on his shifty guys over the middle. Scotty is shifty, he’s quick after the catch and moves well in the open field.

Bears X-Factor: Akiem Hicks– While Khalil Mack is their best defensive player, Akiem is the glue that holds this entire defense together. In other words, he’s the heart and soul. He commands many double teams upfront which allows the linebackers and safeties to make those plays.

Final Thoughts: This kicks off week five. Also, this is the first meeting between Brady and Foles since Super Bowl 52 a few years back. The Bears defense will come ready to play once again. What about the offense? I expect many quick passes from Foles to his receivers. How will Tampa try to attack this Bears defense? Watch for that intermediate passing attack. This could also be a Gronk game.

Prediction: Bucs 23 Bears 14

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