“Chef Dalvin”

Draft Day trades can be memorable. In 2017, the Cincinnati Bengals traded the 41st overall pick to the Minnesota Vikings. After the deal, Minnesota used that pick given to them to draft a running back from Florida State named Dalvin Cook. The Vikings had just moved on from Adrian Peterson, so selecting him made the most sense. Most of the off-season, he’s talked about holding out until he received an extension. As the season is set to begin, Dalvin and the Vikings agreed upon a new deal. A five-year deal worth $62.5 Million. He finally got what he’s been wanting after all these months.

Dalvin may look like a stockier running back, but when you watch him play, he bases his game of speed. He plays with tremendous burst each time the football is in his hands. The ability he displays to run downhill, start and stop along with his balance and acceleration is second to none. Dalvin is a strong back that can power himself to stay on his feet despite taking a hit. He’s the perfect balance of power and finesse. Dalvin has an explosive first step which can turn into a long gain. He is a lot shiftier than given credit for. In the open field, he’ll plant that foot and go the other way just to make someone miss. This is a speedy running back and when given the opportunity, he can hit that edge to break away.

I know injuries have limited him over the years. But when he’s healthy, he’s a top-five running back in the league. When he’s on the field, he makes all the difference for the Vikings offense. I understand it’s a pass-happy game, the running game still stands out when it’s added. Dalvin provides balance.

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