“Riding With The AK”

There’s always those “hidden gems” that teams draft in the Spring. Alvin Kamara was one of them. Nobody ever imagined he’d become such a vital piece to the New Orleans Saints offense. I still remember his rookie season back in 2017. He and Mark Ingram then established themselves as the best running back tandem in the NFL. I would refer to them as “Slick and Quick”. Alvin was slick, Mark was quick. Now that Ingram is playing elsewhere, number 41 has been the top running back for the Saints. During the week, news came out about a potential contract extension to keep him in New Orleans. He got it! The Saints have extended him. A five-year deal worth $75 million.

Who knew he would be the running back he is today? Alvin is a more well-rounded version of Reggie Bush. What the Saints expected of Reggie when they drafted him back in 2006 is exactly the type of player that Alvin is. This is a well-rounded running back. He’s the type of running back that makes defenders stay on their toes at all times because you never know what he’s going to do on the field. I’ve seen him take check-down passes and turn it into an 80-yard touchdown reception. He is so electrifying. Another thing you notice about his game is his shiftiness. He has a strong ability to make many would-be tacklers miss in the open field. No matter how he’s used, he’ll impact the game in some type of way whether it’s as a running back or in the passing game.

Alvin has become Drew Brees’ safety valve. Every quarterback has one. Drew knows he can get him the ball in any capacity and he will handle the rest. He is such a dynamic playmaker that makes the ultimate difference. He will be spending the prime of his career in New Orleans.

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