“Extension For Mr. Cooper”

The Los Angeles Rams have been an interesting storyline. They hire the youngest head coach in league history in Sean McVay. In his first two years, they win the NFC West. The second year, they came out of the NFC and made it to the Super Bowl but fell short to the New England Patriots. Since McVay became the head coach, the Rams have become one of the best offenses in the league. One guy who’s stood out goes by the name of Cooper Kupp. He’s been nothing but consistent since getting his opportunity. For his production, the Rams gave him a contract extension. A three-year deal worth $48 Million.

He’s a special wide receiver. I think he tends to fool people but if you pay close attention, he’s much quicker and faster than he’s given credit for. Cooper moves off the line of scrimmage with a quick burst to get open. This is Jared Goff’s top target for a reason. Every quarterback has one. When the ball hits his hands, he shows a phenomenal change of direction in open space. He’s savvy, deceptive, and shifty after the catch which is all you can ask for of your wide receiver. He’s a fluid route runner, something else many won’t mention. I think he’s one of the best route runners in the league. Cooper is also a physical receiver because he won’t hesitate to use a stiff arm.

I can watch him play all day long. The Rams find ways to get him the football such as jet sweeps. He’s a versatile guy that can do everything for this offense. There was no way the Rams could let this top target go. He’ll be counted on to do a lot this year.

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