“Kansas City King”

9. Travis Kelce– Let’s resume. Welcome if you’re just tuning in. When I brainstormed this list, I was so back and forth with the first two players to be revealed. You really could go either way with it. This guy has been one of the more colorful characters in the league the last few years. I always said he was the best tight end in football back when Rob Gronkowski was given that title. Travis Kelce is locked into the ninth spot. He also checks in as my top-ranked tight end in the league.

He’ll always go up and get the football. 87 attacks everything. I love his mindset once the ball in his hands. Travis is running downhill and plowing through everyone in his path. What I’ve always admired about his game is how he runs his routes. He’s so fluid in the open field. You look at his role within this Chiefs offense, number 87 is almost used as another wide receiver. He’s able to get down the field by using the speed, wiggle room and height then does the rest. In space, Travis moves as if he were a slot receiver with how he’s able to make people miss. He’s runs every route on the route tree, makes the catch and scores.

It’s just another weapon for the Chiefs offense. Patrick Mahomes knows he can get him the ball because defenses don’t have an answer for him. He’s a safety valve for the quarterback. Kelce was a huge part in the Chiefs Super Bowl run last season. In the comeback against the Houston Texans, he scored three touchdowns. The Chiefs made sure to lock him into an extension last week. It happened after George Kittle signed the richest contract for a tight end.


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