Can I Talk?

The Daily is a website where I try to give my perspective on everything football. A thorough analysis from the NFL to College Football. For almost ten years, I’ve been able to turn a dream of mine into a reality; but before becoming a football analyst, a radio contributor, the guest analyst in the booth for high school games and a television contributor, I am an African-American male living in an America that is no longer safe for me.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee in 2016, who would have thought more African-American people would still be losing their lives? I thought this was a country that was the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave. It is far from it. There is nothing united about this country. Who thought we would see a day where nationalists were considered to be “fine people” but protesting NFL players would be labeled as “bitches”? It is because of the incidents most recent murders (call it what it is) such as what happened to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery is why some football players also took a knee. I applaud them for using their platforms. If they don’t use them, they’re “bad” or they “don’t care”. If they do, then they are told to shut up and stick to sports.

Like so many other people I’ve spoken to: black or white, male or female, we are tired. We are tired of the long posts on social media, tired of the multiple hashtags, tired of hearing “so sorry for your loss”, but most of all, we are sick and tired of seeing an innocent life taken away only because of skin color. Being African-American in this country has become to feel like a constant battle.

6 thoughts on “Can I Talk?

  1. The Blue Wall needs to come down. 3 or 4 other cops just STOOD THERE & LET GEORGE FLOYD GET MURDERED?? why??? Because of some type of CODE??? Duty to a Brother in Blue??? FUCK THAT SHIT!!! All of them should be charged as co-defendants. As a police officer you have a duty to PROTECT & SERVE. Cops who use their badge to promote hate our terrible people. Cops who stay silent when shit like this happens are COWARDS!!

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