“Tiger Down”

The Clemson Tigers are one of the best teams in the country. They’ve won the ACC conference championship each season since 2015. Each season, they are a favorite to make the playoffs and they have for the last five seasons under Dabo Swinney. As expected, Clemson is a favorite once again to reach the playoffs. They are still a championship contender if you ask me. The road to another title got a little bumpy. Wide receiver Justyn Ross was expected to be a big-time contributor to the Clemson offense. Unfortunately, he will miss the rest of the year after having surgery on his neck and spine.

With Tee Higgins now in the NFL, Justyn was going to be Trevor Lawrence’s top target this upcoming season. This is the one receiver every quarterback wants at their disposal. He’s a tall kid standing at 6’4 with long arms. In 50/50 situations, he wins those battles. All Trevor has to do is place the football to a high point only to where Justyn can get it. Watching him closely last season, he and Trevor developed a nice chemistry. Anytime you needed a big catch over the middle or down the field, Justyn would answer the call. Because of his height, it’s almost as if he’s playing basketball on the football field. In space, he’s shifty enough to move away and gain more yards.

I’m a fan of the way he moves himself to get open. He may lose a few battles at the line of scrimmage, but always finds a way to get himself back on track to get up the field. If I had to compare him to someone, it’d be Tee Higgins. I see many similarities in their games. This may look to be a tough loss for Clemson, but I’m certain Dabo Swinney will adjust. It’s the next man up. I’m wishing Justyn a speedy recovery.

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