NFL Draft Losers

1. Green Bay Packers: What’s really going on? I need to know. Aaron Rodgers maybe getting up there in age, but he hasn’t been the issue. Rewind the tape of the NFC Championship. The Packers defense gave up over 200 yards rushing to the San Francisco 49ers. A run stopper or middle linebacker would’ve been perfect for their situation defensively. I’ve been vocal about the Packers getting another weapon for the quarterback. This draft had the deepest group of wide receivers. They didn’t take one. In the first round, they traded up to get quarterback Jordan Love.

2. New England Patriots: Entering this draft, the Patriots had two needs. One was a quarterback. The other was a wide receiver. They selected neither. I don’t want to bash Bill Belichick too badly because he has an eye for talent. Offense was the problem for them last season. Losing Tom certainly doesn’t help and not drafting any is a question mark. I really would’ve liked to see them draft some more defensive linemen. This wasn’t the draft Patriot fans expected to see this year. Especially with Brady leaving and Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement to join number 12 in Tampa Bay.

3. Seattle Seahawks: One of their biggest needs was wide receiver. Get someone else to play alongside D.K. Metcalf. They also took one offensive linemen and didn’t address their defensive line. Also, they did nothing to bolster their secondary. Hear me out for a second. The pick of Jordyn Brooks was a solid move. If it pans out, he could be a solid piece for their defense. I thought it was a bit of a reach to get him so early. They could’ve selected him in the later rounds. They had no picks that “wowed” me. The Rams, Cardinals and 49ers all had a good weekend. Seattle, not so much.

4. Houston Texans: The only good thing for them this weekend and this off-season was the extension of Laremy Tunsil. Ross Blaylock from TCU was a nice move to bolster their defensive line. With four more picks, they did nothing. This adds on to the bad press they’ve received after trading away DeAndre Hopkins back in March. I can’t wait to see how all of this will pan out for Bill O’Brien and his team.

5. Chicago Bears: There were bigger needs for them to fill. I’m not saying I disagree with them selecting Cole Kmet from Notre Dame. Cole is a talent and worthy of the pick, but the Bears now have a total of ten tight ends on their roster. You read that right. I just feel there were bigger needs to fill. Next, they selected cornerback Jaylon Johnson from Utah. Defensive backs Kristian Fulton and Trevon Diggs were still on the board. Those would’ve been quality picks. They simply didn’t come away with as many impact players as most other teams did.

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