“That’s Not Love”

The 2020 NFL Draft will be a week old tomorrow. One of the biggest surprises came late in the first round when the Green Bay Packers traded up with the Miami Dolphins for the 26th overall pick. At that moment, I just knew they were going to finally get Aaron Rodgers another weapon, right? Not necessarily. Instead, the Packers made a move to draft a quarterback named Jordan Love from Utah State in the first round. This made people scratch their heads.

Let’s break this down: The Green Bay Packers won their division last season. In Matt LeFleur’s first season, they won 13 games and clinched the two seed in the NFC Playoffs which is a first-round bye. They beat the Seattle Seahawks in the second round to advance to the NFC title game. The Packers were a game away from the Super Bowl. If you watched that game against the 49ers, the Packers struggled to do one thing which was stop the run. The defense which was much improved last season gave up over 200 yards rushing to San Francisco. For most of last season, I kept saying Green Bay needed to get another wide receiver whether it was in free agency or this draft class. They failed to do it.

So, how is Aaron Rodgers the issue? Outside of Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Davante Adams, who was that other weapon for the quarterback to lean on? This draft class had the deepest group of wide receivers I’ve seen in a while. The Packers didn’t capitalize. This move even surprised the great Brett Favre. However, I’ve been on record saying that a new head coach wants his own guy to build around. I don’t think Aaron will be a Packer much longer after this.

One thought on ““That’s Not Love”

  1. I think lafluer is getting ahead of himself! He’s a cocky coach and thinks it’s a good idea to pressure a super bowl champion and one of the best qbs the league has seen in awhile?? I think this is a mistake on his part

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