Advantage (Defense)

Defensive Line: When John Lynch was hired to be the general manager of the 49ers, he wanted to build a strong group of guys that can be disruptive up front. He’s done just that. This is the best defensive line in the NFL. They have four guys who can equally destroy an offensive game plan. The Chiefs have improved so much defensively. I knew the potential was there when they lost to the Colts earlier in the year. The offense was off its rhythm, so the defense picked it up to shoulder the load. They decided to claim Terrell Suggs off waivers late in the regular season. Even after all these years, he still gets the job done.

Advantage: 49ers, it wasn’t even close.

Linebackers: Speed is what describes the 49ers group of linebackers. Dre Greenlaw quietly goes about his business; Fred Warner has become one of my favorite players then the guy who is the quarterback of the defense in Kwon Alexander is back. You see how much of a difference he makes when he’s on the field. I never know what to expect from the Chiefs linebackers although they did handle their business on Sunday to take down that grown man otherwise known as Derrick Henry. This is another arrow pointing to the NFC champs.

Advantage: 49ers

Secondary: Remember when the 49ers decided to sign Richard Sherman? A guy coming off a torn Achilles. He’s been a godsend to this secondary. Because of the front four and their consistent activity up front, life is quite easy for the San Francisco defensive backfield. They’re able to sit back and naturally make plays on the football because the defensive line is always at it up front. One knock on the Chiefs defensive struggles has been their secondary. Then came Tyrann Mathieu who became that sparkplug to the Chiefs defense. Ever since their Monday night win against the Chargers during the regular season, they’ve improved in coverage and takeaways.

Advantage: 49ers

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