“Joe Bowl I”

Super Bowl LIV

(1) San Francisco 49ers at (2) Kansas City Chiefs

49ers: I can admit that I was wrong about them. When I previewed the NFC West during the Summer, I had them finishing with six wins. They were by far the biggest surprise of the season. One, Jimmy Garoppolo was healthy. He returned from a torn ACL. To start the year, the San Francisco 49ers won their first eight games of the season. They made me pay more attention to them after they smacked the Los Angeles Rams around in week five. Each week when you think they’re going to slip back to reality, they stay true to themselves with winning. Kyle Shanahan has done a phenomenal job with this team. To get to the brighter side of things, you have to endure some storms. The 49ers did that. From 2016 to 18, they won a total of 12 games. Two in 2016, six in 2017 and four in 2018. This year, they won 13 and clinched their first division title since 2012. I’m a fan of the personality that they play with. They’re very loose but most importantly, they play for one another. John Lynch has gone all out to put this team together. It started with building up the defense. The defensive line has established themselves as the best in the business. A few weeks ago, someone asked me if their d-line reminded me of the Giants front four. I said I think they’re better because they have four guys who can each ruin the offense’s gameplan. For the first time since 2012 (when Colin Kaepernick was their starter, many won’t mention this but I will), they are back playing in the big game. The last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl was in Miami with Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Both are now members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This franchise has been waiting for a title for the longest.

Chiefs: I’ve seen a lot of Andy Reid coached teams over the years. The one thing I will say about this group he has is they are the most mentally tough team he’s had. What a season it’s been for the Kansas City Chiefs. They get off to another fast start. Then, Patrick Mahomes gets hurt on a Thursday night in Denver. At one point during the season, the Chiefs lost four of five games. The two turning points of the season for me came in their loss against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville and when they played the Los Angeles Chargers. That game against Los Angeles was what showed me the turnaround in their defense. Since then, they’ve been so improved on the defensive side of things. They’ve done the little things with consistency such as finishing their tackles, staying within the lanes and most importantly, getting off the field when it matters most on third down. How incredible has Patrick Mahomes been? At one point, I thought he was going to cruise once again to another league MVP. Anytime you need a clutch play, he delivers. Look at what he did in the divisional round against the Houston Texans. The Chiefs don’t get themselves back into that game if it’s not for his efforts. Look at the AFC title game. That run that put the team ahead at the half. This team doesn’t quit. The game is never over with them because they can get hot at any time. Ask the Texans about that. Going into the rematch with the Titans, the biggest question was would they be able to shut down Derrick Henry? I loved their gameplan that day. They sat on the line of scrimmage, kept him from getting to the second point of attack and forced the game into the hands of Ryan Tannehill. The Lamar Hunt Trophy is back where it belongs which is at home in Kansas City. Is this the year that Andy Reid finally wins that ring?

So… You’re probably wondering. Where’s the rest of the preview? This is where I have you wait! Normally, this is where I have my x-factors for each team and some more analysis. 10 minutes before kickoff, I will make a video on social media giving you all my two x-factors for the game, final analysis, who I have winning the game, a score prediction and my MVP. See you Sunday!

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