My Name Is Russell, Last Name Wilson

I remember that 2012 NFL draft just like it took place last week. This was one of the more anticipated quarterback classes in recent memory. There was a guy named Andrew Luck out of Stanford that was really good, a kid named Robert Griffin III out of Baylor who won the Heisman Trophy in 2011, Brandon Weeden was a name that was mentioned, Ryan Tannehill then all these rounds later in the draft, a guy named Russell Wilson was selected. The others may have been bigger names, but I can sit here and share with you that Russ has been the best quarterback in the 2012 draft class. After talks of a new contract, it finally happened this morning. A new deal to keep him in Seattle. It’s a four-year deal worth $140 million with $65 million guaranteed which now makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Russell has easily become a top ten quarterback in the league over the last few seasons. He plays with a backyard football players mentality. He’s always moving around, and his feet seem to never touch the ground because he’s always bouncing up and down. His footwork is outstanding which allows him to have success even as an undersized quarterback at 5’11. I’m often reminded of a more athletic Donovan McNabb when I watch him play because of the ability to move the pocket, make the throw on the run or how he extends plays. He’s like gumby because of the way he twists, turns, bends and makes throws on the move that just destroy the confidence of any defense. I often compare him to a magician with how he’s able to spin away to get out of a sack and remain on his feet. He creates and after that, the football is in the endzone. He’s also clutches. I’ve seen him lead the Seahawks down the field for many go-ahead or game-winning drives through his career for many years. I’ve said this many times before in my analysis of the game and that’s smaller players being extremely difficult to bring down. He’s the perfect example of that saying.

He’s really grown as a football player. When he first came into the league, he was a game manager because he had the running game to lean on and a defense that was ranked at the top of the league. He’s made the playoffs in all but one year of his career which is remarkable. He’s a six-time pro bowler, the 2012 rookie of the year and has a Super Bowl title helping lead the Seahawks to their first championship in franchise history when they defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48.