Hold Up Wait A Minute, 10 Is Back In Philly!

At one time, DeSean Jackson was the most electrifying player in the National Football League. He was a playmaker that could change the entire dynamic of the game. It’s always nice to play with a guy who can give your team a spark. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008 and spent the first five years of his career in Philadelphia. The team would end up releasing him and to get back at the Eagles, he signed a free agent contract with the Washington Redskins. After three seasons in the Nation’s Capital, he would take his services to Tampa Bay to play for the Buccaneers. His tenure in Tampa wasn’t the greatest fit. Today, the man known as “D-Jax” has been traded and he’s back where it all started. South Philadelphia.

He maybe little standing only at 5’10 and weighing about 175 pounds, but he plays with passion and heart. I think he’s had to prove he deserves to be here at this level throughout his career. He always wants the football and when you put it in his direction, he will come away with it. I don’t think people realize how well-rounded of a wide receiver this guy is. He runs the wide receiver screens, he can go underneath to work the middle of the field, but his bread and butter has always been the go route deep down the field. He’s physically tough along with displaying mental toughness. He runs the deep post as well as any other receiver in the league. He’s speedy and as he’s become older, he’s become more of a craftier wide receiver meaning he doesn’t just depend on the deep routes down the field to make a play. He feels he can win every match up on the field no matter who defends him. I’ve seen this little guy jump up for 50/50 passes and win that battle. I said this about Julian Edelman last Summer, DeSean plays with a running back’s mindset as a receiver because he won’t go down easily with the ball in his hands in the open field.

This is a nice move for the Eagles. It gives Carson Wentz another weapon for an Eagles offense that already consisted of Alshon Jeffrey, Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor. Adding D-Jax to the fold gives them more explosiveness. If Carson can stay healthy and look like the MVP candidate he did before the ACL tear in 2017, this will be a nice return home for Jackson.