I was shocked when the New York Giants announced that they wouldn’t be resigning star defensive player, Landon Collins. He had become their best defensive player over the last three seasons. I loved his style of play from his collegiate days in Alabama playing for Nick Saban to the early start of his NFL career. Now that he’s out of East Rutherford, the big question was who would sign for his services? He’ll remain in the same division for the next six years. He’s going to be playing for the Washington Redskins. He got paid! $84 million to be exact.

Landon is the best all-around safety in the league right now. I’ve seen him grow tremendously from his rookie year in the league to get to where he is now. He does such a good job at playing in both phases of the game. He can play in the box and clamp down to be physical to shut down the run and he can stay square in the backend to defend the pass. He roams around in the secondary, then moves to get to the ball carrier. It’s a refreshing feeling knowing you have a safety that’s valuable to play at a high level in both phases. When I first watched him play, the one thing I immediately took away was the physical nature he brings to the position. He’s a hitter and wants you to remember him after he lays one on you. He’s a true magnet for the football meaning wherever the ball is, you’ll see him near it. He plays like a linebacker almost with how he’s able to cover the ground he can in defending the pass and how he can fly in like he was shot out of a cannon to make a tackle in the running game.

On paper, you have Haha Clinton-Dix, Josh Norman, now you add Landon Collins to the mix, and this can be a secondary that you wouldn’t want to see on Sundays this fall. I understand why he decided to stay in the division. I’m sure there were plenty of teams that wanted this guy on their team, but none could offer what the Redskins could: Two games against the team who cut him, the New York Giants.