Week 13 Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Philadelphia Eagles– They became the first team to win ten games last Sunday against the Bears and they still sit on top of the rankings with the best record in the NFL as we speak. Throughout the month of November, their defense had only allowed one touchdown all month long and that is absolutely remarkable. Realistically, they will be a tough group to defeat in January when the playoffs take place. Jay Ajayi has made their offense a more potent, yet scary unit and the weapons that Wentz has just speak for themselves. These guys are also having fun. I have no problems with the dancing and if you do, maybe your defense should keep them out the end zone from scoring and maybe they won’t dance. This is a big game for them against Seattle tonight.

2. New England Patriots– Here they are at 9-2 and I honestly think right now that every game for them at this point is extremely crucial for them with the Steelers having the same record as them. Tom just continues to wow people with yet another great season. Who saw Dion Lewis having the game that he did? You just never know with this offense of theirs because anyone can have a big game whether it’s Cooks, Amendola, James White or Dion Lewis as I mentioned up top. They are closer to clinching the AFC East division title for the ninth year in a row and we can automatically pencil them in for that week off in January come playoff time. Now, it’s time for the Buffalo Bills, one of the many teams that Tom Brady has owned throughout his career with a 26-3 record.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers– I can’t sit here and say that I was surprised that the Steelers got off to such a sluggish start last week against the Green Bay Packers because they did the same thing a few weeks ago against the Colts and it hurt them early. But as the good teams do, they always find a way to get back into the game and Antonio Brown made one of the best catches I’ve seen all season long in the clutch. Right now if the playoffs were to start today, they would have the top seed. Look how being healthy makes all the difference because of Ben, AB, and Bell being on the field at this time. The Steelers need to get off to faster and more efficient starts and when that happens, nobody beats them, period. We’ll see them tomorrow night in Cincinnati.

4. Minnesota Vikings– Right now, this is one of the bigger threats to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC and I say that because they are a pretty complete football team that runs the football, throws the football and they make you a one-dimensional team on defense. They sit at 9-2 and in second place in the conference behind the Eagles. I really enjoy watching this football team. If Doug Pedersen didn’t have the record he has right now, Mike Zimmer would be a shoe-in to win the award for coach of the year.

5. Los Angeles Rams– What a way to bounce back last week over a team that was on an eight-game winning streak. The Rams improved all over from their previous game in Minnesota. When the Saints kept showing blitz, the Rams capitalized on it. When you can hold Drew Brees to 20 points, you’ve handled your business as a defense. This is a really big stretch for the Rams. Right now, they sit in first in the division with the Seattle Seahawks still looming in second behind them. It’s a fun time for football!