A Giant Injury

Just a few weeks ago, I talked about what was wrong with the New York Giants because they’ve yet to win a game and too many, they should be 3-2 through their first five games and not 0-5 which I’m sure nobody saw coming, not even me. After the signing of Brandon Marshall, we finally all said it’s about time that they got a weapon to play alongside Odell Beckham Jr. You had the potential trio of Odell, Brandon and Sterling Shepard and to many, this right here is the best trio of wide receivers in the NFL today. It hasn’t really panned out that way. The Giants are off to their worst start since 2013 and they lost once again yesterday to the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite that, the Giants also lost Odell for the rest of the season with a broken ankle that will require surgery.

During the preseason, Odell injured that ankle and missed the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys. We all saw just how flat the Giants offense looked without him and it made you wonder, was he really wrong for saying he wanted his money and a contract extension. He’s a top ten player in the league, he’s become a top three wide receiver and Eli Manning’s go-to weapon since being drafted by the Giants in 2014. He’s been quite the football player. He has phenomenal body control to make the catch and stay in bounds along with having total possession of the football, he’s quick and can run each and every route as a receiver should, he displays good hand/eye coordination and he always wants the football because when he usually has it in his hands, something spectacular happens. He’s wowed us all with the one-handed catches, his pregame warm-up routine where he catches the ball as if he were a center fielder on the baseball field.

Where do the Giants go from here? They’ll have to revise their entire offensive playbook now with their best player sidelined. Instead of throwing the occasional deep pass down the field, I expect the Giants to really depend on the short and intermediate pass along with using the tight end and running back more. A tough way to go down for one of the starts of the league. Speedy recovery to him.