“Back At One”

It’s been a rough stretch for Cam Newton these last few seasons. Since he won his league MVP in 2015, he’s been anything but that same guy we saw almost six years ago. He’s dealt with inconsistent offensive line play during his final years with the Carolina Panthers. Cam also dealt with injuries. Last Spring, the Carolina Panthers decided to release their former number one draft pick. In June of 2020, the New England Patriots signed Cam. Today, the Patriots announced they will sign the veteran quarterback to a one-year deal.

When Cam is in the right system, everything pans out for him. You can tell he loves the game of football and he brings a “childish energy” with him to the field in a good way. I’ve always said when he’s running around making plays or he’s got that big smile on his face, he’s playing with confidence. Over the years, there are two things I’ve noticed about Cam. The first is how competitive he is. He will do all he can to keep his team in games. The other is his toughness. He’s a big guy that takes a ton of hits whether it’s in the pocket or out on the move. Cam still finds ways to make the best play possible.

I understand people were critical of him. Cam did indeed struggle in his first year with the Patriots. However, factor everything that happened into consideration. Because of the pandemic, he didn’t have the typical training camp experience. Two, he, unfortunately, tested positive for COVID-19 and when he returned, he didn’t look like he was the same player. The biggest thing however was the lack of playmakers he had around him. I hope the Patriots get him a true number one receiver whether it’s in free agency next week or in the NFL Draft next month.

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