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Super Bowl LV

(1) Kansas City Chiefs at (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chiefs: I can admit I was beginning to question them. Yes, they were winning football games still, but it wasn’t in the fashion we’ve grown to see. They’ve become the type of team where they start early and never look back. Even if they get down in games, they are never out. In the AFC Championship, that was the best I’ve seen the Kansas City Chiefs look in a few months. I saw the electric offensive attack with the quarterback spreading the football around to the open receiver. Speaking of the quarterback, Patrick Mahomes entered the game with a turf toe. He didn’t look hobbled or injured to me. It’s a long season so when you get to this point, guys will be bruised up. Another thing I noticed was how the defense played, more so the secondary. They did a great job of keeping Stefon Diggs in check and they did all they could to keep Josh Allen in the pocket to make him throw the ball down field. It’s been a great few years for Mahomes. An MVP in 2018, he’s led the Chiefs to division titles, first-round byes in the playoffs, the historic contract in 2020 and now another trip to the big game. They will look to repeat as champs on Sunday evening. No team has repeated since the New England Patriots did it in 2003-04 and 2004-05.

Buccaneers: The bullseye they had on them was massive. You bring in a legendary quarterback and look how things turned around. However, it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Due to the pandemic, no team was able to hold training camp during the Summer. I had a feeling early on that it would be a learning curve for Tom Brady. It’s a new offensive system and he wasn’t on the same page with his new weapons so in situations such as that, it takes time. Now, I see a group that’s all in sync with each other and Tom is throwing the ball with authority. Any pass he wants to make, he does it. The offensive line has done well and the defense has turned the page. These last two weeks in the playoffs have opened my eyes. They were dominant in New Orleans and simply punched the Saints in the mouth. I’ve noticed Todd Bowles hasn’t shown many blitzes. The Buccaneers have been able to get a pass rush with four. Against the Packers in the NFC Championship, they sacked Aaron Rodgers a total of five times. The secondary has also been playing well because the front seven is getting that rush. The last time they were in the Super Bowl was 2003. It’s been a long time. They will be playing in their own stadium in the Super Bowl.

Now, I bet you are confused as you’re reading this. If you’ve been following along. this is the area of the game preview where I give you my x-factors, final analysis and score prediction. This is where I will have you wait! Before kickoff, I will record a video where I will give my x-factors, keys to the game and who I have winning the game. It will be posted throughout social media. I’ll see you all on Sunday before the game! Stay safe.

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