“Rumble Young Man Rumble”

AFC Championship

(2) Buffalo Bills at (1) Kansas City Chiefs

Bills: In mid-December, I said they were the second-best team in the AFC. They’ve been proving why I made that statement with how they’ve played. After the loss to the Arizona Cardinals, I’ve watched them buckle down and win every game since then. On Saturday night against the Baltimore Ravens, I was more impressed with their defense because I know that’s been an up and down thing for them. The Buffalo Bills did everything correctly. When you play Baltimore, it’s always key to try and limit Lamar Jackson’s running. That’s exactly what they did. They made sure he was kept in the pocket. I can’t say enough about Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Josh has that confidence and trust that his top target will come down with the ball. Speaking of Stefon, we rave about his ability to run those deep routes down the field. How about the toughness he displays to go over the middle and make a catch? On Sunday, they’ll have a rematch with a team they saw back in October with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Chiefs: Whenever a team has a first-round bye, the rest can sometimes lead to rust when returning to play. I didn’t sense that with them on their first offensive drive against the Cleveland Browns. Patrick Mahomes looked sharp and his weapons were making plays. When the Chiefs get into a rhythm, they’re impossible to limit. I’ve said on the radio numerous times that when playing them, I’m zooming in on Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. As a defense, I’m okay with letting any other receiver beat me. On Sunday against Cleveland, it was another game they had to grind out. Patrick ended up leaving the game with a concussion and Chad Henne came in to help put them over the top. I was pretty impressed with their defense because they were able to stick together and make stops. Yeah, they gave up a few big plays and runs, but when they needed to make a stop, they did it. They’re looking to get back to the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Bills X-Factor: Cole Beasley– The fans love him and his teammates rave about him. He’s the heart and soul of this Bills football team. Cole is that chain mover for Josh. He gets those tough yards over the middle of the field. He’s that shifty receiver you need to keep an eye on because he can break away and bam, he’s open. The Chiefs need to pay attention to him.

Chiefs X-Factor: Clyde Edwards-Helaire– I was excited when the Chiefs drafted him. Clyde brings the versatility factor to an already explosive offense. I’ve compared him to a more well-rounded Maurice Jones-Drew. Because of the attention the other weapons command, Clyde normally sees more open lanes to make plays. He didn’t play in the win against the Browns. On Sunday, he should be ready to go.

Final Thoughts: When they played in week six, the Chiefs escaped with a nine-point win. I also remember Kansas City not getting to Josh Allen. This will be key for the Chiefs on Sunday. They can’t allow Josh to buy time with his feet. He’s throwing the football from the pocket all game long. This is a different Bills team now than what they saw in October. Buffalo must try to get some type of running game going with Singletary. Controlling the clock when playing this Chiefs offense is always crucial.

Prediction: Chiefs 34 Bills 27

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