“Welcome To The Midwest”

AFC Divisional Playoff 

(6) Cleveland Browns at (1) Kansas City Chiefs 

Browns: I couldn’t believe what I was watching last Sunday night. Talk about setting the tone of the football game in their favor because that’s exactly what they did in Pittsburgh. Their defense was excellent. I saw a unit that continuously pressured Ben Roethlisberger and because of that, they were able to get takeaways, four interceptions to be exact. As far as the offense is concerned, they had enough balance to get by. To correct Juju Smith-Schuster, no, these aren’t the same Cleveland Browns. I say that because this football team now has an identity which is something they didn’t have for years. They run the football and when the defense gets it going, they won’t let up. For years, we’ve been waiting to see them clinch a winning season. They did it. Now, they have the ultimate test on Sunday against the defending champs in Kansas City, Missouri next.

Chiefs: I was asked to use a word that described them. Honestly, I could’ve gone in several directions with this but I kept it simple. I used one word: Bored. People will knock them because they’ve played on the edge in a few of their remaining regular-season games, but at the end of the day, they won, right? That’s all that’s important at the end of the day. For the third straight year, the Kansas City Chiefs have clinched a first-round bye in the AFC Playoffs. At this point, it’s clear what you’ll see from their offense. They make it look like seven on seven with how they play. Their defense hasn’t been great this year but they don’t need to be elite. Just get the ball back to the offense in any way. A title defense begins Sunday afternoon.

Browns X-Factor: Kareem Hunt– I expect him to play in this game with a chip on his shoulder. Also, I expect him to be all in his teammates’ ears this week instructing them on how to attack the Chiefs both offensively and defensively. Furthermore, the Browns will get Kareem the football in many different ways.

Chiefs X-Factor: Chris Jones– This is exactly why you extend him. For the big games such as this. Chris was a huge piece for the Chiefs on their run last season and he will need to do it all over again if they want to repeat as Super Bowl champs. He’s their best defensive player that will be needed in this game on Sunday.

Final Thoughts: Who saw this as a playoff matchup? Well, here we are! Baker Mayfield can’t come into this game thinking he needs to match Patrick Mahomes throw for throw. They will lose the football game if he does that. Ball control and time of possession will be key for the Browns. They may have to run the football. How will the Chiefs look out the gates? A week off, rust may be on display early but I expect them to settle in. Making Mayfield throw over the top is also key.

Prediction: Chiefs 34 Browns 24

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