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AFC Game Of The Week

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

Steelers: Think about all the times you saw a team start undefeated. What’s the one thing they all had in common? They put teams away and dominated them. You can’t say that much about this team. I can make a case that a few of their wins should’ve been losses. The issues the Pittsburgh Steelers were dealing with in the last month all caught up to them and that’s why they tasted defeat for the first time this year. Their running game has been absent. In the last two games, Ben Roethlisberger has thrown the football over 50 times and I’m not sure if I like that. They need balance to win. The Washington Football clamped down and held them to 14 yards rushing. Still, at 11-1, they sit atop the AFC playoff picture with the top seed. On Sunday night, they face another division leader in New York.

Bills: I’ve had a fun time watching this team in 2020. Ever since Sean McDermott was hired as the head coach, they’ve been to the playoffs two times within three years. For the first time since 1995, they are closing in on winning a division title. Last week against the 49ers, everything just clicked for them. Josh Allen had all day to throw and when he’s moving the pocket to the right side, he’s dangerous. He spread the ball around to his open receivers and they were able to get that running game going once again. On the other side, the defense has been playing with more control as of late. The Bills’ defensive front gets that push up front so the secondary can make plays upon the football. This is a scary team when everything is clicking for them. They’ll host Pittsburgh on Sunday night.

Steelers X-Factor: Stephon Tuitt– This is who I see stepping up with Bud Dupree done for the season. He’s a defensive end that can generate a rush on the quarterback. With some bigger names on the defense, Stephon sometimes goes under the radar which I think he’s fine with. He can also bring the running back down in the backfield.

Bills X-Factor: Devin Singletary– When the Bills run the ball, they’re a scarier offense in my opinion. He takes the pressure off Josh from running. Devin provides balance for this offense and it puts pressure on the defense because most of the time, they’re back and trying to defend the pass. Also, running the ball will keep Ben on the sidelines.

Final Thoughts: These two met last year and Buffalo beat them. A year later, we have the first meeting between Ben Roethlisberger and Josh Allen. The Steelers will enter this one with a nasty taste in their mouth after losing their first game. They must force Josh to his left. Plus, on offense, they need to get that running game going. If I’m Buffalo, I’m spreading my receivers out to attack this Steelers secondary. Sunday night can’t get here soon enough.

Prediction: Bills 24 Steelers 21

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