“Remember The Time”

Intriguing Game- Week 14

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins

Chiefs: Many left from that game with questions for them. I can understand that because they didn’t look like the team we’re used to seeing which is them throwing the football up and down the field on their opponents. From my perspective, I somewhat enjoyed watching what I saw because I like when football teams grind games out and that’s exactly what they had to do to win that game. They’ve won seven games in a row now. The Chiefs are the Golden State Warriors of the NFL. I say this because they don’t care what seed they get come playoff time. Just get in and take care of business as they did last year. One thing I will say is I do need to see more from their defense. On Sunday, they’ll play in Miami against an up and coming Dolphins team.

Dolphins: I’m proud of this organization. Let me explain why. Usually, when a new coach comes in, some teams won’t hesitate to fire them after one year. They decided to give Brian Flores another shot and it’s beginning to pay off. The Miami Dolphins can beat you in a variety of ways. I’m not surprised their defense is playing at this level. That secondary has become one of the best in the league with how they’re able to create turnovers. As far as their offense is concerned, they do just enough to move the ball down the field. They don’t need Tua to light up the scoreboard. Just control things and stay within your lane. They welcome the champs to town on Sunday for a huge game in the AFC.

Chiefs X-Factor: Sammy Watkins– As a defender, your goal when playing the Chiefs is to do all you can do to limit Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. I’d be perfectly fine with a guy like DeMarcus Robinson, Mecole Hardman, or Sammy beating me. He’s just another weapon on the roster for Mahomes to target.

Dolphins X-Factor: Myles Gaskin– The Chiefs’ run defense hasn’t been great at all. Look what Melvin Gordon was able to do last week against them. Not only is Myles a downhill runner, but he can also catch the football out the backfield to add to his yards. He’ll be key in this game on Sunday.

Final Thoughts: This is a big showdown. The last time the Chiefs were here at this stadium, they won the Super Bowl. Also, this will be the first meeting between Patrick Mahomes and Tua Tagovailoa. I need to see that Chiefs defensive line actively pressuring Tua. Flush him to his right side to make him throw. Also, the Chiefs offense needs to get off to a quicker start. This is a test for the Dolphins’ defense. Let’s see if their turnover streak continues.

Prediction: Chiefs 28 Dolphins 17


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