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AFC Game Of The Week

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens 

Steelers: They are the lone AFC team standing with an undefeated record. 6-0. I watched a lot of that game against the Titans very closely and to be honest, I didn’t like much of what I saw. After building up the lead early on, they became settled and too conservative. What I mean is in times when they had the opportunity to milk the clock and run the football, they decided to pass it instead which almost cost them. Ben Roethlisberger made a throw in which he was trying to get the ball to Juju Smith-Schuster who was triple covered. One area the Steelers shined was shutting down Derrick Henry. I saw them stack the line of scrimmage and pushed him back before he could make a play. They have another test on Sunday in Baltimore.

Ravens: Everyone wants to say their offense is having a down year. I completely disagree. They aren’t the offense they were last season that tore apart defenses, but they still move the football down the field. There was no way they could duplicate what they did in 2019 because teams have a full year of film on them. Speaking of the quarterback, I’m seeing Lamar Jackson play with more control under center. He’s not always looking to run the ball unless he’s flushed out the pocket. Actually, I’ve seen him play with more of a moving pocket. As always, this defense will stay atop the league. When you line up against them, prepare to face a physical test. They return home from the bye. It’s rivalry week.

Steelers X-Factor: Cam Heyward– His motor is something to watch because he’s always moving. If you watch him closely, he’s always pushing forward. Whether it’s to the quarterback or ball-carrier, he’s pushing through. Cam moves to the ball with a relentless effort.

Ravens X-Factor: Marquise Brown– If I were a Ravens offensive player, I would be studying this game film of the Steelers’ last game against the Titans because their wide receivers had their way with the Steelers secondary. Hollywood should be begging Lamar for the ball.

Final Analysis: This will always be a rivalry. I remember these matchups from the 2000s with Ed Reed, Jerome Bettis, Troy Polamalu, and Ray Lewis. Different names now, but the same intensity as always. The Steelers will throw everything at Lamar to confuse him. For the Ravens, attack that Pittsburgh secondary as often as you can. Get Mark Andrews to move the chains along with Hollywood stretching the field.

Prediction: Ravens 24 Steelers 21

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