Week Six Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Green Bay Packers: Everything has been perfect for them outside of the record of course. They are the first team in league history to score at least 150 points in the first four games of a season without a turnover. This speaks to the tremendous play of Aaron Rodgers of course. Let’s look more into the number. Aaron Jones is on pace to rush for 1,550 yards and Za’Darius Smith is tied for the lead in sacks. You’d expect most teams to come in rusty because of the pandemic. That’s far from the case with the Packers.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: This is the first time they are 4-0 with Ben Roethlisberger. All the success they’ve had over the years, it’s just mind boggling to me. I’ve enjoyed what I’m seeing from them. It’s been a team effort in all phases of the game. They have a knack for finding wide receivers as I said the other day. Chase Claypool had himself a day last week against the Eagles scoring four touchdowns. They sit atop the AFC North with a huge divisional showdown taking place today.

3. Baltimore Ravens: No matter what happens, some things won’t change. The Baltimore Ravens will always have an elite defense. They introduced themselves to Joe Burrow only the way they can. As they’ve been sharp, the offense is still looking to find itself. Give them another game or two for them to click and all will be back to normal. They could get back on track today in Philadelphia against the Eagles.

4. Seattle Seahawks: They’d have a one in that loss column if Mike Zimmer didn’t make a bad play-call to give the Seahawks new life. The minute I saw it, I said to myself, welp, that’s game. You gave Russell too much time and look what happened. As sharp as their offense has been, the defense has many major issues. This is what will keep them from getting to where they know they can be at the end of the year.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: They had to lose eventually. This was their first time tasting defeat since November of last year. They were outplayed last week. The defense fell flat. Another area where they struggled was their offensive line. Their game against Buffalo will be played tomorrow.

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