Le’Ve (On) The Go

Le’Veon Bell has been in the news for years. I won’t necessarily say it’s been for the right reasons. He wanted the Pittsburgh Steelers to pay, it didn’t work out that way. Pittsburgh franchised tagged him twice. The second time, he refused to sign, so he held out for the first few games which then turned into missing the entire season in 2018. After that year, he became a free agent. March 2019, he signs a deal with the New York Jets making him the second-highest paid running back in the NFL. Things just didn’t pan out for him with gang green. On Tuesday night, the Jets released him. Today, he’s been signed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

When he’s healthy and in the right system, he’s an elite name at his position. Everyone is watching him when the ball is in his hands. He’s a different kind of running back. Some of his peers have said he’s playing Madden in real life on the field. What stands out of course is the patience he displays before running through the lanes. Le’Veon lets the lane open up, then bursts through for his yards. He’s a finesse back with power added on because he will use the stiff arm when he needs too. It’s nothing to him to even lower the shoulder and run someone over. He can also impact the game as a receiver.

I’m glad he’s out of East Rutherford. It was a bad fit from the jump. Everyone said he had fallen off. Le’Veon wasn’t in the right system with the Jets. He had a horrible offensive line and the offense didn’t do much to include him in the gameplans. Mahomes, Bell, Hill, Kelce, Hardman and Edwards-Helaire. That’s a scary thought to process.

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