“The D Is For Disasterous”

The first quarter of the 2020 NFL season is just about in the books. As always, there are some surprises-both good and bad. No matter what happens, the Dallas Cowboys will forever a hot topic in the football community whether it’s a positive or negative opinion. So far, the breakdown of them has been a mix of both but more so, on the bad side. After their loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, they fell to 1-3 in an incredibly bad NFC East division. Here’s the million-dollar question: What exactly is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys? Let’s break this down.

I want to dive into their offense first. It’s been a shining point without question. They feel each time they step on the field, it can result in six points and they should. Especially with the skill players they have. If I were a quarterback, I’d be thrilled knowing I had Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb to throw too along with Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield as my running back. The one issue I have with them is the lack of balance. Zeke is their best offensive player. However, there are times when they give him the football and good things happen then, they get away from him. This team will not win football games with Dak throwing the ball over 45 times per contest and Zeke getting 12-15 carries in a game.

They are playing “selfish defense”. The great defenses in this league play together. It’s a team effort but you don’t see that with the Cowboys. I see many guys wanting to make plays outside of the defensive scheme. I’ve seen missed opportunities when having a chance to make a play. I’m talking about blowing coverages in the secondary and missing tackles in the open field even missing gap assignments. The only shining point on this struggling defense has been Aldon Smith.

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