“Silence In Seattle”

Intriguing Game- Week Three 

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks

Cowboys: Just like everyone, I threw the towel in on them. It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish. Give a lot of credit to Mike McCarthy because as a head coach, it falls on you to keep your team controlled. He kept his guys afloat and motivated. My biggest takeaway from their comeback win against the Falcons was the leadership that Dak Prescott showed. It would’ve been a long week had they started 0-2. There’s one thing that makes me upset when I watch the Cowboys and that’s getting away from the hot hand. Ezekiel Elliott is their best offensive player. When he has the football in his hands, good things happen. It’s always the second half when they try to let Dak take over and that’s what hurts the team. It’s onto week three and they’ll face a player who’s on a tear at the moment.

Seahawks: His name is Russell, last name Wilson! The quarterback has been on a tear to open the 2020 season. Russ has thrown nine touchdown passes in his first two games. Anytime we see a quarterback get off to a strong start such as this, good things usually happen throughout the season. This Seahawks offense is so fun to watch because they are so fluid in their movements. On Sunday against New England, they attacked the Patriots defense left and right. I even saw a few passes thrown at Stephon Gilmore who doesn’t give up many touchdowns. One side of the ball was always stronger than the other. That’s the case once again. Their defense is struggling to get off the field. But in due time, I think they will get it together. It’s week three and the Cowboys are in town for an NFC showdown.

Cowboys X-Factor: Michael Gallup– He’s the speedster of the Dallas receiving core. What I like about his game is he always wants the ball and feels he can be electric with it in his hands. This isn’t your normal slot receiver because he can get down the field vertically. Once he makes the catch, he can turn what looks to be a short gain and make it a big play.

Seahawks X-Factor: Chris Carson– If you’ve watched the Cowboys closely in their first two games, they’ve had a hard time stopping the run. If Chris can stay healthy for the Seattle offense, they’ll be even scarier to me. He can run in and outside the tackles along with catching the check-down passes from the quarterback. Chris will make this Dallas defense work on Sunday.

Final Thoughts: This was one of the games I was looking forward to previewing. Both these quarterbacks are playing lights out and have since last season. To be honest, I don’t trust either defense so I’m expecting points to be scored. The Cowboys will spread this Seattle defense out. Seattle wants to play a cover three, then as an offense, you attack. I need to see the Seahawks attempt a pass rush on Dak. In their last game, Cam Newton looked too comfortable in the pocket.

Prediction: Seahawks 35 Cowboys 31

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