“Allen A Day’s Pay”

We can go on and on about the wide receiver conversation. I think everyone can agree with me when I say the top three receivers in the game as we speak are Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, and Julio Jones. Rounding those three out for me is Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill. However, a guy that’s being mentioned on the outside looking in is Keenan Allen. He’s been just as consistent as the guys I mentioned. Just a few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Chargers extended Joey Bosa to a contract extension. Today, Keenan received his extension. A four-year deal worth $80 million which will make him the second-highest-paid wide receiver in the league.

If you’re a wide receiver and you’re reading this, this is the guy you should be watching tape on if you want to get better. Keenan is the best route runner in the league and there’s no doubt about it. What makes him so special is his release off the snap. He knows how to free himself immediately to get open. He’ll run as if he’s going one way, then completely fool the defensive back and cut the other way. It’s the start and stop routes, the hesitation moves that get the defenders and the ability to shift around anyone in his way. When you watch him and his footwork, it’s almost as if he’s playing basketball on the football field. Keenan is such a tough cover. Playing him in man to man is a challenge.

This is everything you want in a number one wide receiver. He wants the football each time he’s open and he gets it. The Chargers made sure to pay their top receiver. Now, he can just focus on handling business on the field for the upcoming season this year.

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