“Never Change”

1Lamar Jackson– This is the tenth edition of our annual “Best in the Business” project. Remember the hype surrounding this player? He was so electrifying in college at Louisville. So excellent that he won the Heisman Trophy in 2016 for his stellar season. In 2018, he’s the 32nd pick in the NFL Draft and the rest is history. I still remember when he replaced an injured Joe Flacco in Baltimore that same year. Lamar Jackson has claimed the number one spot for this year’s edition of our project.

Many analysts and draft experts stated that for him to succeed at the next level in the NFL, he’d have to change positions. Things like that will motivate a player. The first game of the 2019 season showed he’s more than capable of throwing the ball. He demolished the Miami Dolphins. He’s become one of the most electrifying players in the game as we speak. He’s a more developed Michael Vick. As always, I will elaborate. Lamar is only 23 years old. When Vick entered the league, he wasn’t as consistent of a passer as Lamar is (though he’s getting better). The biggest thing on Lamar is his field vision. He scans everything, then picks his spots with consistency. I like the leader he is. To be so young, that entire Ravens team follows his lead.

He was named league MVP for his stellar season in 2019. I saw him take down the Seahawks in Seattle then a few weeks later, he leads the Ravens to a big win over an undefeated Patriots team. Lamar was the catalyst behind the Ravens 12-game winning streak. Baltimore won the AFC North and clinched the top seed in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

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