“Here Comes The Money”

2. Patrick Mahomes– It’s all beginning to wind down. My last player revealed just made his debut. Now, a guy who just made his last year is back. 2018 was his “I’m here” moment. After being drafted in 2017, he finally got his chance to start the following year. Talk about making an introduction, he put together the best debut season I’ve ever seen from a quarterback. 50 touchdown passes joining Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as the only three quarterbacks ever to throw 50 touchdowns in a single season. 2019 was even better. Patrick Mahomes returns once again as my second-ranked player on my list.

I’ve stated he’s the closest thing we’ve seen to Aaron Rodgers. However, he does remind of another Green Bay Packers quarterback. When I watch Patrick play, I see more of Brett Favre in his game more than I do Aaron. I’ll explain. Brett was very improvisational as a quarterback as is Patrick. Both have done whatever it takes to keep themselves on their feet and have made some crazy throws that make you say, did he do that? Patrick makes ridiculously difficult throws look relatively easy. On the run, he’ll just let the ball fling and it gets to his intended receiver. He throws touchdown passes in all shapes, sizes and arm angles. Mostly, you see football players come in with a basketball background. 15 has a baseball background and you see it when he throws the ball.

A league MVP in 2018, a Super Bowl ring and game MVP in 2019. In July, he signed the richest contract ever for a pro athlete. It’s accurate to say the first two years of his career have been great to him. He’s a superstar at the most important position. The crazy thing is he’s yet to reach his prime.

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