“The Jet Business”

It’s incredible to see what Frank Gore is still doing. If you know the history of the running back position, the saying is that they don’t last. Most of the time, they retire at the age of 29 or 30. That’s not the case with this living legend. Even at the age of 36, he continues to produce at a high level. He may not be considered elite. He’s also past his prime. But he still comes to work and plays hard. This season, he’ll keep his playing career going. Frank has signed a contract with the New York Jets.

I’ve seen no signs of slowing down from him at all. At the age of 36, he’s still getting the job done. I think of durability when bringing up Frank Gore’s name. What I enjoy about his game is he isn’t flashy. Each week, I see a guy who just powers himself through defenses. As I always say, running around people is cool and all, but running through a defensive player will infuse a spark throughout the entire team. The one thing people don’t realize is Frank stands at only 5’9. The way he plays the game, you’d think he was bigger. This is a power back that does everything to stay on his feet. He’s always been difficult to bring down because of the strength he displays.

Frank has been able to play well at a later age because he takes tremendous care of his body. He’s still going strong. Just last season, he surpassed one of the greats in Barry Sanders on the all-time rushing list for sole possession of the third spot on the list. This signing will reunite him with his former coach, Adam Gase. The minute he’s done playing, give him his gold jacket.

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