“Dear Football”

Dear Football,

This is a week when we reflect to talk about what we are thankful for and I have so much that I can discuss. I have a family that has supported me through everything. They’ve been my rock through it all. I have some incredible friends who have become family, I’m thankful for the freedom I have. That’s always been important to me. All those of course are so monumental. Then, there’s you. You and I have been connected at the hip since I was six years old. We’ve been hand and hand since for the last 22 years. The last 14 years though have been so special to me. Let’s reflect.

When I was a freshman in high school, I was able to play, then I unfortunately got hurt which forced me to miss the rest of the season. I decided not to play again due to the injury not fully healing. However, I felt I could still be involved with the sport in some capacity. That’s when I decided to break it all down and become an analyst. I watched those pregame shows on a frequent basis (NFL Primetime, The NFL Today, NFL on Fox, College Gameday, Football Night in America). Seeing all those analysts made me want to become one. Talking about you has given me the greatest joy in the world. We went into business together full-time on September 6th, 2010 and created what many know as The Daily Blitz. Since then, this bond has become stronger and stronger. In 2011, we were both accepted into broadcasting school (the Illinois center for broadcasting). October 13th, 2011, we started our first radio show together called “The Daily Blitz Live” on sportstownchicago.com. After that, a strong list of contributions started. From the Pat Nash and Kevin Gibbons show to the Sportsden with Nick Russell, Paul “Chef” Dube and Roy Herman,Yakuza Kick Radio with Jay Cat Morris to The Great Debate with Wyatt Reed, Steve Sufferdin and Tad Merchut to Mercado Airwaves with Michaelangelo Mercado. (If I forgot a show, my apologies I appreciate you!!)

We’ve been through a lot together. Here we are on website number three and in year nine in the industry. Thank you for allowing me to live out my dream through you. The love I have for you is something that’ll never go away. You’ve taken me places I never thought I could go. You’ve given me things I never thought I can receive, and you’ve showed me that if I really want anything, I can do it. So many people doubted me and said this wasn’t ever going to be much. I think we can laugh at them because we’ve done so well together. Thank you for allowing me to be passionate about something. My passion has inspired those around me. Thank you for being there when some people showed me their true colors and never came back, you were always there. I appreciate you. This bond between us isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Happy Thanksgiving. I also want to take this time to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

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