(C)hief (E)xecutive (O)ut

The name of Patrick Mahomes is becoming bigger and bigger by the week. Each time the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled, he’s must watch TV. Before the games, the question is always what will he do to wow us this time around? I think it’s safe to say he’s become a superstar in this league. He’s been in a few commercials on TV, he’s the reigning league MVP after last season in his first-year starting where he threw 50 touchdown passes joining a legendary group of quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady becoming the third quarterback in league history to throw 50 touchdown passes in a season. He began this year on a tear throwing ten touchdown passes again in three games without a single interception. Throughout the year, he was battling an ankle injury. Last night in their win against the Denver Broncos, his knee buckled in on him and he had to leave the game. As a precautionary reason, the team decided to keep him out the game. The news was reported this morning that he dislocated his kneecap and will be sidelined for three to four weeks.

He’s become one of the five best quarterbacks in just a season and a quarter. Some have gone as far to say he could be the best playing the position right now. What can’t this kid do on the field? He’s quick to move around in the pocket but does his most damage outside that pocket. I’ve often found myself comparing him to Aaron Rodgers and if you pay close attention, you see some similarities in their games. Patrick has a strong arm with excellent accuracy to place the football into a tight window only to where his receiver can get it. He’s excellent when it comes to improvising and a perfect example of this is from their game a few weeks ago when the Chiefs played the Colts. The Colts played back in a quarter’s coverage. The pocket was beginning to collapse, and he begins moving one way then goes another. Once he got to the right side, he flicked it and bam, Byron Pringle caught it for the touchdown. It’s the athleticism that he shows which sets him apart from other quarterbacks in the league. Patrick was a baseball player and when he makes those throws that look impossible, you see that baseball background on the football field. No baseball player makes a perfect throw necessarily. He makes things look effortless on the field from no-look passes to switching hands to get the ball off with his left hand. He does so much on the field that leave me speechless. During the Summer, I referred to him as “football’s Steph Curry” because of all he can do. I see kids wanting to make deep passes and no look passes for fun as he does in games.

I understand injuries are a part of the game. You sign up to play knowing you’re going to get nicked up. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Andy Reid as a head coach, but I have a question: Why would you allow your quarterback who’s been hobbled on and off this year run a quarterback sneak? It didn’t end well for him and look, now he’s out. I still think the Chiefs can stay afloat in their division for a few weeks without their start player. Matt Moore will come in as the replacement for the next few games. Here’s how I see things panning out for Kansas City: Remember how they played when Alex Smith was quarterback? They would throw the ball down the field, but not as much as they do now of course. I see the intermediate passing game becoming Moore’s best friend. They’ll run the ball more, use Kelce of course and this is where I need to see the defense step it up because they haven’t improved much since last year. Everyone said the Saints wouldn’t do much without Drew Brees and look at what they’ve done? At this point, they just need to change things up and they’ll be just fine.

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